Cellab Healthcare Service (Cellab HS) and GAIA BioMedicine (GAIA) jointly held a press conference to announce that the two firms had executed a business agreement concerning the production of GAIA-102.

Cellab HS, the intended outsourcing destination for the manufacturing operations of GAIA-102, announced the commencement of its cell manufacturing contract business at its cell cultivation and processing facility, ‘Cellab Tonomachi.’: Cellab HS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAI-DAN CO., LTD. (DAI-DAN). On June 21st, a press conference was held at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, featuring Mr. Nakamura, Executive Officer of DAI-DAN, Mr. Yoshida, President and CEO of Cellab HS, and Professor Yonemitsu, CSO/CTO of GAIA.

GAIA has granted the exclusive manufacturing rights of GAIA-102 limited within Japan for the investigational products to Cellab HS alongside the non-exclusive license for commercial production. GAIA plans to shift its entire production of GAIA-102 to Cellab HS gradually. It should be noted that DAI-DAN has been a shareholder of GAIA since 2020.


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