AMED Released to Support a Clinical Trial of GAIA-102 to Treat Pediatric Solid Tumors

*AMED just released that the ‘Program for Translational Medicine’ has accepted the grant application for a Physician-Originated Phase I Clinical Trial of GAIA-102 for pediatric solid tumors by Kyushu University team. The grant will support approximately 100M JPY per year as a 3-year project of the Seeds C category.

The Principal Investigators of the trial are Professor Tatsuro Tajiri and Dr. Naonori Kawakubo at the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Kyushu University Hospital. The Principal Researcher is Dr. Yoshi Yonemitsu, a professor at Kyushu University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The first patient-in of this clinical trial is estimated in August 2022.

GAIA BioMedicine Inc. will support its clinical trial by supplying GAIA-102.


*AMED: Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development

AMED Release HP:


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