Innate Killer Summit 2022 at San Diego, March 30- April 1:

Founder and CSO/CTO of GAIA BioMedicine, Professor Yoshi Yonemitsu, was invited to give a presentation on recent advances of GAIA-NK.

Professor Yoshi was invited to present the recent advances in the R&D stage of GAIA-102, a product code of the unmodified GAIA-NK platform, at Innate Killer Summit 2022.


The particular focus of his presentation;

– GAIA-NK can be identified by some specific chemokine receptors and integrins distinct from conventional NK cells

– Outstanding features of GAIA-NK to eliminate solid tumors

  • Efficient mass reduction by rapid and efficient tumor cell killing
  • ‘Me too’ signaling to accumulate GAIA-NK as well as host effector cells
  • Resistance to immune suppressive cells

– ‘Memory-like NK’-like biological properties

– Production advantages

  • Culture of mixed PBMCs of multiple donors to reduce inhibitory KIRs
  • Ready for use formulation and critical factors essential to keep biological activity and viability

Innate Killer Summit 2022: Speakers


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