At the 38th Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2023), an interim report on the Phase I trial of GAIA-102 for pediatric solid malignant tumors will be presented.

Dr. Naonori KAWAKUBO (Department of Pediatric Surgery, Kyushu University, under the supervision of Professor Tatsuro TAJIRI) serving as the principal investigator of the trial titled ‘Phase I Trial of NK Cell-like CD3-negative Cells (GAIA-102) for Recurrent Refractory Neuroblastoma and Pediatric Solid Malignant Tumors, Including Lung Metastasis,’ conducted at Kyushu University Hospital, will present a portion of the results from this trial as an interim report at the 38th Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2023).
The summary of the presentation is as follows:

Title: Pseudoprogression and subsequent shrinkage of refractory/relapsed pediatric solid tumors induced by GAIA-102: an interim report of the single-agent cohort in Phase 1 clinical trial.
Author: Naonori KAWAKUBO
Session: Poster Hall
Presentation No.: 782-F
Scheduled for: November 4, 2023 (Saturday) 9:00~20:30 (PDT), San Diego Convention Center Hall A

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